Since starting in 2010, High Country Hunting has been offering great hunting experiences on a variety of private properties across the New England, Northern Tablelands, Hunter Region, and regional areas of NSW.

High Country Hunting restricts bookings on all properties. Generally speaking, this means one party per month, but this is dependent on game numbers. This ensures there is always plenty of game available, including pigs, deer, goats, foxes, and rabbits. Some properties also allow for fishing.

Dom Makim, owner and operator of High Country Hunting, works alongside property owners who often have feral animals damaging their land and stock. We connect these property owners with licensed and insured hunters to maintain balance and create sustainable hunting opportunities for everyone. Additionally, the revenue from recreational hunting clients is injected back into local communities and creates income to help property owners care for their families and their land.

With accommodation including self-contained cottages, hunter’s cabins, rustic homesteads and powered shearing sheds, High Country Hunting offers ultimate outback getaways and top quality hunting experiences.

4WD vehicles are a must to access all hunting properties.

Get in touch with us to discuss which property is best suited to your accommodation preferences, the number in your group, and the type of game you wish to hunt. High Country Hunting will help you achieve a safe and enjoyable hunt.


Reasons to book with High Country Hunting:

  • Only one party per property. You are guaranteed plenty of game and an exciting hunting experience, without anybody else around to crowd your space.
  • Wide assortment of game. You can hunt pigs, deer, goats, foxes and rabbits. Some of our properties also provide excellent fishing opportunities.
  • Wide assortment of accommodation. Choose from a variety of different dwellings and terrain types. Whether you want a self-contained cottage or a spot to sleep under the stars, we can connect you with your ideal hunting property.
  • Great value for money. With first rate properties and top notch hunting opportunities, a booking with High Country Hunting is an unforgettable experience.